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Saturday, 27 June 2009

My India Trip

Hi friends, i am on holiday to India. I was really exciting when my parents told that we are going to fly to india. Its really a whole lot of fun for me to visit India, because i would get to meet my grand parents, friends and other family members. More than that i was so exciting about the flight travel. And here i am sharing my excitiments with you. I started on May 24th, sunday. We were about to fly emirates at 1.00 pm. So we packed everything we need to take to India. I too packed few of my things in my Barbie bag .(Colouring books, craft items, snacks ) and the gifts for my friends in India. We left our house and reached the airport at 11.30 am and checked in our bags. Then once we got into the flight i got my window seat and happily watching the other flights that were about to land and take-off. It was real fun for me. My parents were so excited to see me doing this. My dear mom also managed to take few snaps. We were about to fly from Birmingham to Dubai and again from Dubai to Chennai, which was total of 11 hours travel. I spend my time by reading , colouring my colouring books, that they gave me in the flight. I also spended my time by watching cartoon movies and sleeping.( Been a very good girl)Then when we reached dubai airport , we spend our time by doing some shopping.
Picture taken : At Dubai Airport
Then in the next flight i had some dinner and Did some craft work without disturbing others. I really loved my craft work so much , that i took it along with me and showed it to my grandparents once i landed in India. They all praised me so much for doing such wonderful craft work. And i would like to show it to you too. Here is my work.I really enjoyed my whole travel and hope you too enjoyed reading my post. Ok then, Its getting late, bye for now and catch you on my next post. Dont forget to check back.......
Tata..........bye bye.......see you........ummaaaaaaaaa...............

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