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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My first Pre-school Graduation

Graduation day, something that reminds people about their success in compeletion of a wonderful task at their college and moving on to their first step of their future and to stand on their own facing the world with their strength of knowledge.

But getting the first graduation at preschool is a great fun too, which is more exciting for me and also the first step i take before i move on to musrsery. We really had a wonderful day at our school on the day, and i am sure words dont fill in the story and we really need more pictures to make the justice to bring the true fun time before your eyes, and so here is a link below which has my pictures that are taken with my preschool graduation day.

These are the pictures taken with my teachers, with my Nanny, friends and more of all my parents who were very proud sitting behind the rows of chairs and watching me enjoying my day with loads of happiness filled in their eyes and also having a big smile on their face....I love you Daddy , I Love you Mummy......

Have a look and hope you enjoy it.

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