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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Our double fun filled diwali damaka 2009

hoo..oooooooooo, me again with same josh...How are you guys doing. Well, diwali is real fun, but what when you get two accasion on the same day......hoooo no words to express the joy is'it???
I you may be asking me what.... I can hear that.!!!
Hear is the answer- This year, diwali fell on the same day of my Dad's ( MY worlds best man)Birthday.

On the day before, we had diwali offering for my granddad, who expired last before year. So my mom prepared Rava ladoo, kesari, and sweet pongal. We also offering some fruits , flowers and dress. I prayed for his blessing and wellbeing.

Then on the next day, at the stroke of 12.00 am, we celebrated my dad's birthday. We had a cake cutting. Well, i slept off, so i missed it. But gave my gift on the next day

Then , as we follow the tradition of undertaking noobu on the day of diwali, my mom prepared and arranged all pooja item, and did the traditional that has to be done. The adirasam - a kind of sweet that is prepared using jaggery and riceflour.

Then, we arranged the Kalasam and had the pooja. It was very different and new to me. But i really well behaved.

In the evening we had a party arranged. So it was all full of fun and ever ending joy. We had fire works , DJ, and food served. I really enjoyed everything, and specially the DJ. As youall know i really enjoy dancing.

Varsha's Birthday party.

I know , i am far too late in posting. Coming up to varsha's Big day. Varsha's birthday will always follow mine. Just after 2 weeks of my birthday. Yes we both are of same age. So we share the fun and joy being together. And some time we fight too. The picture below is taken during varsha's 3rd birthday. I am wering the black dress with a hat and eye mask......Am i looking good??? Now-a-days, as we both attend the same pre-school, we often get more time to spend together......Sometimes , its always have someone of the same age to share with......Is't right???

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