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Thursday, 21 May 2009

How to achieve what you want.....!!! ( Funny but true story of a little girl)

In order to achieve what you want, you firstly have to know exactly what it is that you want. And forget lists. Don't bother trying to write down your goal. But you need to Focus and act more. So here comes the story of a little girl ( Thats me ) who really focussed and acted more to achieve her most loved disney princess kitchen set.........The story goes like this.....

One fine evening, when my day came from office and planned to take me to a toy shop to buy some toys for my friends birthday party. But suddenly i saw the disney princess kitchen set displayed. I always wanted a kitchen set to play with ( Ofcourse all kids like to play with a kitchen set when they are kids.......but once they grow up they dont like to go to the real kitchen.....But thats a different story). So when i showed my parents and asked for it, my parents hesitated and said that they will get me later. .............L.......A.....T......E.......R.....!!!!!!!.......

Well, i decided i need it now, so started to "focus" and "act" more.......Yes,..........I could not think of going home without that toy........So here comes the first step, which is focussing. I did not leave the place and was looking and touching the toy and trying to play with one of the displayed item. Then come the acting......I sat on the shelves and told my parents that i really need the toy right now..........And finally my parents decided to buy me the toy. See, how the focussing and acting help. There is nothing to apologize, instead i thanked my parents for getting me what i need.
Thou the story may be funny, but in real life if we follow these, we can achieve what we want in life. So dont forget the three magic words........."Focussing"........."Acting".........and "Thanking".

Well friends....this is for today, and meet you on my next post.........Until then, its me Trisa shining off ........Tataaaa, bye bye and see you. Ummmmmmaaaaaaaa.

Friday, 8 May 2009

My Fun day

Bungo's Barn........ Bungo's Barn..........Bungo's Barn...........

Oops.......I sound to be very'it???...... Its all about the fun day i had on the long weekend. My parents took me to Bungo's Barn, a indoor fun area. I really had a great time with my friends and family.

I really enjoyed myself at the ball pool. Playing with different coloured balls with one of my friends Sahas and Vedhika. The one picture bleow is me with sahas and Ramesh uncle ( Sahas's dad).


We had loads to play with and keep ourself busy. In particual the gaint blue side is one of my fav. Its was difficult to climb, but its worth the struggle. My mom helped me a lot in climbing to the slide, but at the same time she too enjoyed sliding on it. We also slided together.

The last picture shows how we as a family enjoyed our day.

If any one wish to go, here is the link . You can get all the information here. Go on just click the link, plan a day and have fun...............

Saturday, 2 May 2009

First Time at Hairdresser

Hi friends, today i am going to share all about my new hairstyling experience.

My hair has grown so much. Yes...It has become too long and started to fall on the eyes. Hairs being grown too much, my Mom thought its time to restyle it. ( Its my first time at hairdresser).

One good day, my Mom fixed a appointment at "Carolyn and Friends" hairdresser. Thou my mom has fixed a appointment she was bit nervous and worried as how well i will show myself to the hairdresser. ( kids mostly cry when they go to hairdresser and will not allow the hairdresser to cut their hair properly).

On the day of my appointment we arrived 5 mins before. There were few people around who also came for their hairdressing. When my mom told them that it is my first time at hairdresser, a Lady sitting there commented that "there is going to be tear".

But you know what.....I did not cry. Yes i really enjoyed my time there. They made me to sit on a chair, which could rise high. I could see myself in the mirror. My mom explained as how she wants my hair to be done, the hairdresser also gave few advice and suggested few sytles.

So after deciding, they gently started to work on my hair. Hurray...To my suprise, my hairstlye came out really well. And everyone there told, that it was suprising that i did not cry.

The hairdresser also gave a chocolate for me for being such a nice girl....So, here i am with my new hairstyle.......SO, HOW DO I LOOK...?

Smart and Cute is'it...???

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