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Monday, 28 September 2009

My London Trip

My London Trip was bit exciting and fun filled. The whole day was so much fun filled. I enjoyed each and every moment. The day was sunny, supportin us in all ways.

We visited the London Bridge and i started to sing " London bridge is falling down falling down, falling down.... London bridge is following down, my fair lady " . All other people around me including my parents started to burst out with laughter.

Then visited many road shows that took place around the london bridge. It was all so funny. There were people who dressed up like " Charlie Chaplin ". You can see the picture above, where i took a photograph with him. ( He put his cap on me and posed near me...)
Then comes a place, where a lady was dressed up as a statue. She had sliver paint all over her face and dress. I got a time to take a snap with her. She said that i look so cute........
Then there was a person dressed up as camelian. I was bit scared to go near him. You could also see that in the above picture, where i was totally scared and was trying to out away. There were also some dance shows, magic shows and some stunt shows going on, which were really interesting and funny. I really loved it.........WAIT WAIT, the FUN never ends there.....Afterr watching all the shows, we decided to go on a boat ride on the Thames river.
I really enjoyed the ride along with site seeing. There were guides on the boat to explain about the speciality of each and every building and the places.
Well.........totally the whole day were funtastic.........hope you too had a great time reading my day out......wellmeet you on my next post........which is all about my 3 rd birthday party.........YES ...thats true , i am 3 Now.........catch you later until then keep smiling........cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My First face painting

Hi friends, its me Trisa again. Well i am here to share my first experience of face painting. Yes, i had a face painting done for the first time. In early days, my mom dont allow me, stating that its not for small babies. And it would spoile my skin, that this.......etc.

But , as you all know that i started my preschool from last week, and thus i am no more a small baby. So i really really want to have my face painted. So when we went to solihull, at the shopping complex, there were some charity shows going on. And in that show, face painting was one of the mini stall. SO .........then what for to wait. No more i just pulled my parents hands and told that i need face painting right now.

And to my surprise, my parents told the very first place. And so i was supposed to wait on the queue. As i was waiting and watching other kids having beautiful face painting, the time passed and my turn came. And i went for the princess face painting.

I really enjoyed having my face painting. They put even beautiful glitters on my lips. My parents told that i was looking pretty as ususal. And when they asked me to kiss them, i said no, because my lipstick and paint might go. There was a big laughter including my parents.

Have a great and catch you later with my next post.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

My First day at Pre-school

Hiiiiiii friends. How are you doing?????........Wow,......its really make me glad to hear that you all are doing good. Well, then you should almost guessed , what my next post would be all about. And no doubt that you are correct at your guessing. Yes.........Yes........its all about my first day of my pre-school.
The most excited, expected day for me and my parents. I have been waiting for it. And today is the day. Well, my day started , when i woke up at the moment my parents kissed me. It was such a beautiful day. Then i brushed my teeth , drank my milk and my mom gave me bath and made me to dress up with a beautiful pink dress. Then after getting ready, i had my break fast. When my dad came back form office at 9.30 , we all drove to school.
At preschool they introduced each other. Every one said that i look beautiful and my dress was pretty too.
I had loads of activites to do and engage myself. There few friends to play with too. I particularly loved to make the humpty dumpty picture pasting. You know what, i liked it so much that i did loads , may be more than 10......hahahaha......Here is the picture of one among them.
Then i cam home and was bit tired and slept. But is the day complete without celebrating such a day.........Well , well, i can hear you saying a " BIG NOOO", and yes i accept with you........and thats the reason we planed to go to Nandos. Its my mom fav restarant. So we planned to go for a dinner. And came home with great smile.

Monday, 7 September 2009

My Visit to Birmingham Sea Life

Hi friends, here i am about tell all about my visit to Birmingham Sea life. Well, it all started when jayashree aunty called my mom asked about her plans for the long weekend. As we did not have any great plan as of then, she invited us to join them. Offcourse it would be much for me to join my friend sahas. So we all planned to go saturday.
( At the ticket counter - waiting to get our ticket )
( A pose near NEMO fish )
The whole day was very nice enjoyable. I really enjoyed watched different kinds of fishes. Its was all different colour, size and shapes. Each one has its own beauty and never could be compared with other.
After watching all these fishes, we were guided to queue ourself to watch the sesorama 4D cinema. It was the best. This is my first time to watch the 4nD cinema Its all once again about the sea life. All the fishes were seem to approach me. So thrilling you see.....No words to explain. We took some photographs. Then returned home with all those sweet memories.
Over all the whole day was fishtastic.........hahaha...........( I am a pure non-vegetarian you see.....).
Okie, meet you on my next post.........Till then tata, by bye, its me Trisa shining off........

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sri Krishna Jayanthi

Sri Krishna Jayanthi is the celebration on the birth of Lord Krishna. It is a festival celebrated in India. On krishna jayanthi milk and butter are the most essiential think that much be offered to our Lord. In addition to it, my mom made, rava kesari, Alva, semiya payasam along with the milk and butter offering.
On the day, my mom dressed me up as a beautiful Radha. ( Krishna's wife). My dad said i look pretty in my costume. I was wearing a beautiful orange and pink gagra chole, along with beautifully designed peral jewels.
My mom also made a beautiful hair style and also decorated it with glittery small flowers.
On the same day, my friend Sahas was dressed up as a little Krishna. We both really enjoyed our costumes. Its was really a great day, to think off.

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