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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

My Portfolio

Name : Trisa
Born On : September
Age : I am girl, so worth not telling it. ( Hehehehe.......)
Hobbies : Painting, Dancing and singing. ( And ofcourse messing up the house.....( Just to keep my mom slim and fit...hehehehe))
Favourite Colour : Pink
Favourite Food : Noodle, chicken soup, and chicken biriyani.
Favourite Job : Posing to the Camera and video ( Love to watch myself on screen). Infact i posed even when i was in my mummys tummy. Have a peep of my 3 month and 5 month scan picture below.

(Above is the picture of my 11 weeks scan).
( Above is the picture of my 5th month scan )
Achievements : Won a baby of the Month competiton.
Five things i would Love to Learn : Swimming, Dancing, cycling, learn to write and read ( studies) and good behaviour.

Best Friends : My parents take the first place ( They are my best pals).....And few whom i would like to name are Priya, Indhu, Venky Sharanya, Vedhika, Sahas, Lekha, Nithilan, Nikky, Rebacca, Susil anna and Bhuvana Akka.
Favourite game : Hide and Seek.
Time-pass : Inspite of having loads of good hobbies, i would love to spend time at park, playing with my friends.

Well..........will be updating much more of my favourite things, so check back again..........

Saturday, 13 December 2008

My first Chirstmas ( 2006)

My very first chirstmas was celebrated with my parents and my loving grandma. I was just a 3 months old baby and i dressed up as a little santa on the day of chirstmas. Just check out this picture below.... do i look???'it???

Well...It did not stop there....We decided to visit Santa Gotta at safari park ( Kindderminister) alone with my parents and grandma.

I went in my cute santa suit. It was real fun. I do even remember the santa calling me " cute little santa" and he also told that there is a competition between us. It was true fun and joy. I totally enjoyed my day........

Sunday, 7 December 2008


First Birthday are always very special and well remembered. So to make it more special, people do arrange for parties. So do my parents too. They arranged for a grand celebration to make my day more special. Yes......My first birthday was the most enjoyable and beautifully organised party. I celebrated my first birthday in UK at Dickens health village hall

Monday, 1 December 2008

My first love

First love is always special for everyone. Yes....its special for me too. My parents are my first love in this whole wide world.

Hmmm.....Let me start with my dad. Mr. Siva, thats how is called by his friends. Software Engineer, currently working in UK. Well.... he is my worlds best man. I love him a lot. I am his love, dream and life. He gets me anything that i ask for.......( Lucky me).

Next coming to my mom....Mrs Lavanya, currently a full time mom, taking care of me. She is a package of all emotions and the one who pampers me a lot. She supports, encourages and helps me to learn things in more easy and funny way. ( Ofcourse scolds me when i go bit crazy).

My parents are my best friend and i love you both....:-)

Luv Trisa......
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Hi friends, Welcome to my blog. Its really happy to see you here. I created this blog to write all about me and my family.

Well....first of all i would like to give a short intro. I am Trisa, daugther of Mr siva and Mrs Lavanya. I was born on 26th sep. There are few interesting things, which i would like to share with you in later part. And it would be always nice if you share your wonderfull comments.

Hmmm.........This is enough for introduction, and i hope you all will enjoy reading my blog.

Luv Trisa...

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Hi friends, Its me trisa. This blog is all abt me and my family. I am sweet little girl, who keep my mom very busy. Bit naughty, messy and sweety. I love playing with my friends, and going out with my parents.