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Name : Trisa
Born On : September
Age : I am girl, so worth not telling it. ( Hehehehe.......)
Hobbies : Painting, Dancing and singing. ( And ofcourse messing up the house.....( Just to keep my mom slim and fit...hehehehe))
Favourite Colour : Pink
Favourite Food : Noodle, chicken soup, and chicken biriyani.
Favourite Job : Posing to the Camera and video ( Love to watch myself on screen). Infact i posed even when i was in my mummys tummy. Have a peep of my 3 month and 5 month scan picture below.
(Above is the picture of my 11 weeks scan). ( Above is the picture of my 5th month scan )
Best Friends : My parents take the first place ( They are my best pals).....And few whom i would like to name are Priya, Indhu, Venky Sharanya, Vedhika, Sahas, Lekha, Nithilan, Nikky, Rebacca, Susil anna and Bhuvana Akka.
Favourite game : Hide and Seek.

Time-pass : Inspite of having loads of good hobbies, i would love to spend time at park, playing with my friends.
Achievements : Won a baby of the Month competiton.
Five things i would Love to Learn : Swimming, Dancing, cycling, learn to write and read ( studies) and good behaviour.
Well..........will be updating much more of my favourite things, so check back again..........

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Hi friends, Its me trisa. This blog is all abt me and my family. I am sweet little girl, who keep my mom very busy. Bit naughty, messy and sweety. I love playing with my friends, and going out with my parents.