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Monday, 6 December 2010

Dance Baby Dance.....( Thankyou for the music 2010)

Hello friends, This time its all about my dance show - Thankyou for the music 2010 that took place at Solihull Art Complex.As i am attending my local dance school, where i am trained with Tap dancing, Modern Jazz, Street dancing and musical theatre. I really enjoy my dance lessons.

Well....lets come back to my show. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to explore the stage floor. There were many other kids who joined me. We all had very colourful and attractive glittery dress. We little girls danced for 3 songs, one tap dancing, secondly for the song " Big cook Little Cook", and third for the " Scare crow Song".
It was fantastic experience for me and indeed i could see my proud parents sitting and watching me performing on the stage.....

My 4th birthday...Yes i am 4 years now...

I am 4 NOW.....:)

I always believe that birthdays are always fun. But the fun took manifold when my parents decided to take me on a holiday and allow me to do things i like. yes we planned a holiday trip to Cumbria , Lake district ( A special treat for my birthday).

We planned a 6 day trip. And i took my little teddy Bella from my nursery too. We stayed at the caravan holiday park. I enjoyed each morning at my kids club, where i had crafts sessions.
I enjoyed swimming every evening and ending it with the kids disco.
I had a cake cutting at our caravan with my parents. I got my special mega blocks as my birthday gifts. All my friends and family called me to wish me good luck for this whole year. I thank everyone who called me and blessed me.

Wait........The treat did not end there. My dad took me a small trip in the historic train which then continued with a ferrie. Wow.....both experience were totally a new and unforgettable experience. I also enjoyed my horse riding. I loved my horse, she was a little white pony Murphy.
I enjoyed my wall climbing too. I was really brave enough to complete my task in my wall climbing, that all other people were suprised to see me being so brave for my age. Everyone told that i was very brave for my age.
Then we went to a pencile museum, where i saw the world largest pencile. We also did few shopping there , where i got my quality colour pencile to get on my creative works and writings too.
We also visited duckling farm, where i was allowed to feed the animals, go on barrel ride , play on the sand pit, and also playing in the soft play area. I also enjoyed eating my fresh made fires. Hmmm yumm
More than that i also enjoyed all my activiities at the parks, such as blowing, playing bingo, gambling, playing on trampoline and going on a bear picnic.

Overall, my birthday was funfilled and enjoyable and unforgetable.

I am a big girl now....

Hi everyone, i am becoming a big girl now. Yaaaa, i have finished my pre-school and stepped in my nursery. I am really having a great fun at my school. I enjoy playing with my friends. I made few good friends to name too. Anushuka, Harry pan, Harry, charlie, Feriya. And i am sure my list will grow on.
My teachers are wonderful. I really love my teachers. They teach me a lot. They guide me for my well being. I really learnt to write, and also read few words. Its all because of my wonderful teachers at my school.

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