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Monday, 5 July 2010

My school Trip to Brueton park.

Haaaaaaaaaa, hello friends, its really nice to meet you all after a long time. Well, how are you doing???....Haaaaaaa how nice. And i am doing well too....... I am here to share my fun trip to Brueton Park, UK. Well, as i said, it was really fun. I had a great time going to the park with all my friends and pre-school teachers. I also love the coach travel. Even our parents joined us to manyfold the fun. We started to sing nursery rhymes and were laughing and giggling.When the park arrived, we first had a small walk to the recieption, where one of the staff welcomed us and addressed us. She explained what we will be doing during our visit.

First we had a mini-beast hunt. We were teamed up in pairs, It was real fun, we caught lizard, woodlouse, centipede, small ants, mini frogs etc. We all finally had a closer look at what we caught and the park assistant explained us in detail.And guess what, we were the winning team. Wait wait, our success story did not end there. The fun is still there. Followed by the mini beast hunt we had a refreshment break. Then we had teddy bear picnic. we where asked bring our fav teddy. We build a wood house for the teddy. And with no doubt ours were the best wood house. Our teddy house had a small wooden table and chair to sit. We all made our teddy to sit inside the house. All other parents praised us for such a creative work. My teachers also credited all mom's of our gang for being so sportive and creative. After the teddy bear picnic, we were back to the reception to collection our bags, on the way we collected different coloured flowers, leafs and stuck it on the teady pictures. Then coming back home i coloured it and showed it to my dad, who was so trilled and was more happy to see me explaining what fun we had on the day.

Totally with no doubt we had a great fun day.

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