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Thursday, 24 December 2009

"In the NIght Garden" - ON BIG SCREEN..!!!

With the holidays around, i try to keep my mom more busy, and inturn she keeps giving me thing that i love the more, and afterall parents know what our kids love. So she had all plans to take me out and keep me out of boring. One of our day out was a going for the movie

Yes , In the night garden movie. " IN THE NIGHT GARDEN ".........The name which all kids of my age would immedietly know. Yes its many of the kids fav program on CBeebies. And i love all the character that come...Specially, the Makka Pakka......hahahaha......
Its always fun to watch it on our tele. But what if we watch it on the big'it that a pip....Hahahaha, I know everyone will agree that its a double the fun. Yes, i watched the " In the night Garden " movie on big screen. Its was so lovely to see all my fav characters there. All kids in the Theater enjoyed the movie, shouting and dancing. Even parents enjoyed watching us enjoying. After the movie was over, we kids were shouting Again......Again....Hahaha......We also got a nice "In the night garden" Gifts set, which included two Magazines, A inflatable Pinky ponk, A sticker poster and complete sticker box set. I really enjoyed my whole day, and came back home with all my wonderful gifts, which kept me busy for the whole week.

I enjoyed my dad, hope you too enjoyed reading it. "WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS".

Monday, 21 December 2009

Yeappyyyyyy....Its Snowing here.....!!!

Well, i hope the is christmas is going to be a white christmas with no doubts. Its started to snow on thursday....It just love to see it snwoing. I really wanted to go out and make a snow man......hmmmmmmmm But i am sure my mom will not allow me...............:(

Thursday, 17 December 2009

@ Our preschool Christmas Production

Hi friends, its me Trisa again. As i told you all about my preschool christmas production before. I am a Snow man in the play. The christmas production took place on 11th dec 2009 @ 10.00. All kids arrived at 9.30 along with their parents. We all had few snacks and tried to warm up, while our parents were seated on the other room waiting for our performance. Though i was not well, i was able to do my part well. Here is the small video clip from our play.

My Dad and mom both attended the day. Because it is my first stage performance, they were very much excited and so happy. We had few pictures taken with our friends camera, which i will upload it once i recieve it from them.

My parents blessed me and wished good luck, and also praised me for doing well, inspite of my illness.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Saturday or Partyday...!!!

Well, last saturday was a happy day for my mom, just because we had two get-together. One for the noon and another @ evening. And as she need not cook anything for the whole day, she was double happy.

Vipin uncle and Beena auntie got their new house . The house was very beautiful and they really changed it into a beautiful home. Myself and my parents had great time there with all other friends. I met few new people, who were really nice.

They ordered some food, and we all really enjoyed it. It was so nice that they gave us some takeway for us , so that my mom decided not to cook for the next day too......Thanks Vipin uncle and Beena auntie.( We really enjoyed our noon)

Evening was a birthday party, where i was dressed up in a pretty pink frock. Everyone told that i was looking like a pretty doll. Do you like my dress???...I also had a beautiful hair style done, with beautiful beads on it.( Can you see it in the picture above???). Vinod uncle called me pretty girl, qnd few told i look like a barbie doll. Thanks for your wonderful compliements.

( Above is my family picture @ birthday party)

Usually i use to enjoy parties, but this time i could not enjoy. I was telling my parents that i wanted to go home. My dad was so suprised to hear that. And i was so tired too.

Well, guess what, the next day i felt ill. I had terrible cold and high fever for next whole week. My parents were very much worried (After all they are my parents) so took me to the surgery to have a check up. I could not even go my preschool.

As you all know in our pre-school christmas production i am playing a part as a snowman. I was bit worried that because i was ill, i may not be avle to take part in the play. But as all say, With the wishes of GOD i was able to get well, before the day and took part in the production.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Colourful Fun with face painting

Fun with face painting. Yes its true. Offcourse all kids of my age would agree this with no doubts. Face paintings are so much fun, and we kids really love it. I often ask my mom for face painting when ever we attend a carnival. So my mom decided to get a kit of our own.

So now a day, i have face painitng whenever i like. But whats fun, if we dont share it with our friends. So when ever, my friends come home, i keep my mom busy by asking us to paint our faces.

So this was the day when my face painted as a Tiger, Kavya has a dog and Varsha has a Bunny.
We were all so happy, and could clearly shown in the picture below....... you too have face painting and have fun............See you again with next colourful post.......Until now its bye from me......

Friday, 4 December 2009

I am crazy....!!!

Hahahah.........hope the title best suited my pictures......Don't it???........Well, me and my mom went really crazy one day taking all this pictures. It was really a fun filled evening, we fighting for the different makeover........

We enjoyed our crazy evening, hope you too enjoyed watching my pictures........See you on my next post.........until, keep going crazyyyyyyyyy.................Ummmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Our double fun filled diwali damaka 2009

hoo..oooooooooo, me again with same josh...How are you guys doing. Well, diwali is real fun, but what when you get two accasion on the same day......hoooo no words to express the joy is'it???
I you may be asking me what.... I can hear that.!!!
Hear is the answer- This year, diwali fell on the same day of my Dad's ( MY worlds best man)Birthday.

On the day before, we had diwali offering for my granddad, who expired last before year. So my mom prepared Rava ladoo, kesari, and sweet pongal. We also offering some fruits , flowers and dress. I prayed for his blessing and wellbeing.

Then on the next day, at the stroke of 12.00 am, we celebrated my dad's birthday. We had a cake cutting. Well, i slept off, so i missed it. But gave my gift on the next day

Then , as we follow the tradition of undertaking noobu on the day of diwali, my mom prepared and arranged all pooja item, and did the traditional that has to be done. The adirasam - a kind of sweet that is prepared using jaggery and riceflour.

Then, we arranged the Kalasam and had the pooja. It was very different and new to me. But i really well behaved.

In the evening we had a party arranged. So it was all full of fun and ever ending joy. We had fire works , DJ, and food served. I really enjoyed everything, and specially the DJ. As youall know i really enjoy dancing.

Varsha's Birthday party.

I know , i am far too late in posting. Coming up to varsha's Big day. Varsha's birthday will always follow mine. Just after 2 weeks of my birthday. Yes we both are of same age. So we share the fun and joy being together. And some time we fight too. The picture below is taken during varsha's 3rd birthday. I am wering the black dress with a hat and eye mask......Am i looking good??? Now-a-days, as we both attend the same pre-school, we often get more time to spend together......Sometimes , its always have someone of the same age to share with......Is't right???

Sunday, 25 October 2009

My 3rd Birthday party with my friends 'n' family

Hi friends, in my last post you would have seen my 3rd birthday party @ my pre-school. Following that weekend, we had a great party at home. My parents decorated the house with banners, baloons, my photographs, flags and beautiful colourful lights. She also designed a birthday inviatation card by herself and invited all our friends personally. All our friends arrived home on 26th saturday ( On time...Something to be really mentioned.....hehehe ). Jayashree auntie and Ramesh Mama ( Sahas) first to arrive.... My birthday cake was ordered from Jimmy Spice....hmmmm Yummy........

All other guest also arrived later on time.....Ramesh mama's dad and mom, Kumar Uncle -Kiran Auntie, Vipin uncle - Beena auntie, Senthil Uncle - Chitra auntie, Andrew uncle-Lilly auntie, Lokesh uncle - Sangeetha Auntie, Sibi Uncle, Sathish uncle - Devi Auntie, Raj uncle, vinod uncle and family and also my friends Sahas, Kavya, Varsha, Lekha, Ryan, surti, shreysta , kavya , prasanth and vedhika also arrived. The evening was filled with friends and fun.

Finally we had my cake cutting. Friends sang me the happy birthday song and i blowed the candles and cut the cake. Jayashree auntie and Devi auntie helped in distributing the cakes to all our guests. We kids had great fun playing together. We all also danced. Kavya akka sang a song on my birthday, which was real special.

Then , later we had the food, that was ordered from Jimmy Spice........hmmmmmmm

The menu goes here......Starters : Veg Samosa, Cauliflower 65, Veg pakora.

Main Course : Butter Naan, Dhal Makani, Kadai Paneer, Vegetable Biriyani , Plain Rice and Chicken Curry.

Dessert : Gulab Jamun, Fruit Salad, Fruit Juice, Coke, Pickle & Thoku. ( Papad with mint sauce and mango chutney)

Everyone enjoyed the food. Then i distributed the return gifts that my mom got it for all my friends. The whole party was fun filled and i enjoyed my most of the time with my friends. The next day, i opened all the gifts i recieved. I loved my gifts. Thanks for such a wonderful gift and making your time to come for my party and give me such a wonderful day. My parents kept telling that everyone we invited honoured us by attending the party.........Thank you friends.....

Thursday, 15 October 2009

My birthday celebration @ Pre-school

Hi friends,
Well, being a girl , i always hate to shout out my age. But still, i dont mind telling you. Yes......I AM 3 NOW. Wow.......i am becoming a big girl is'n it???. Birthday are fun. And that fun manifolds, when you celebrate it with your friends. I too had a small celebration @ my pre-school.
I asked my parents to buy me a Princess cake for my birthday, and my mom did so. At the end of the session, she brought the cake to my pre-school. All my friends, were very excited looking at my beautiful cake. My mom and dad were happy to see me enjoying myself with my friends.
We were giggling and have fun, at the same time waiting for the cake cutting. All my friends and teachers sang me the birthday song. and i cut the cake with little bit of help from my mom.
Kumar uncle, kiran Aunty and Varsha also joined me in the fun. I and varsha had busy time in distributing the cakes to all my friends.
I also got a birthday card from my teacher, and also a small toy mobile as a gift. We all had great time.
Hope you too had good time reading. Well, past is past....lets look forward for my 4thd birthday ( ASAP).....hehehehe........

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